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We are designed to run but rarely are we taught how to run...

Group and one-to-one workshops tailored to your needs, at a location of your choice, virtually or at our base in the beautiful Peak District.

Running Technique Workshops

Benefit from the hands-on expertise and experience of Becky, as she guides you toward running GRACE-fully.

In her ever-popular workshops and webinars, she works through her memorable acronym, teaching you how to tap into the 'free energy' so successfully exploited by professional athletes. Not only will this greater understanding and execution of the body's innate movement patterns unlock faster PBs; it will also serve to reduce injury and create a more positive mindset when running.

Whilst the principles she teaches are based on a universal blueprint, using her 20 years of coaching experience, she can adapt the workshop to suit all levels, making it ideal for elite athletics clubs and casual running groups alike. Or why not book in for a one-to-one consultation for even more personal attention to iron out your unique running quirks?

You can also extend the day to incorporate presentations from a range of other specialist topic areas surrounding performance and well-being, and learn how the GRACE acronym can be applied to all areas of health.

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