Supported Charities

Becky’s love affair with Africa began back in 2009 when she helped to establish a training base out in Kenya for the British Athletics Endurance Team. In so doing, she met the following most huge-hearted athletes, who are making an incredible difference to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. It is our deep pleasure to donate 10% of all purchases to their awe inspiring work.

We are extremely proud to support these amazing charities by donating 10% of all our yearly purchases.


Toby Tanser's Shoe4Africa works with donors, partners, & advocates to save and empower African kids’ lives through highly cost effective, scale-able proven methods.

Love Mercy Foundation

Eloise Wellings' charity works to empower communities in northern Uganda to overcome poverty sustainably, Love Mercy’s three main projects our to increase access to education, health care and income generation for thousands of families after decades of civil war.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation

Myles Edwards' Gathimba Edwards Foundation aims to provide as many Kenyan children as possible with the opportunity of a bright future. They do this through supplying school fees, school uniforms, healthcare, building houses and supporting families.