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Runners of all levels are invited to access powerful insights into their techniques and movement patterns using our unique and innovative joint detection software. Learn how to execute optimal form using information from the cutting edge of sports biomechanics and physiotherapy that will not only help you to run faster, but also to get and stay injury-free. You are in expert hands with the coaching eye of former international middle-distance athlete Becky Lyne and her team of highly experienced sports therapists.

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Technique Analysis

“I can’t believe I run like that!” is a common comment I receive upon sharing a video analysis. A simple film taken on your mobile phone can reveal so much. It is the most powerful starting point for honing your technique as we guide you through the steps (literally and metaphorically!) to align your body with the way it is designed to move.

What you’ll get:

Basic Technique Analysis:

- A Gracefull Score using our unique and innovative joint-detection software, developed in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University. It marks you against 5 key biomechanical metrics, revealing your key areas to work on.
- Detailed, slow-motion video analysis

- Images highlighting key issues together with corrective cues

Premium Technique Analysis:

Basic plus:

- Pre-analysis survey allowing you to share your running goals and injury foibles for more accurately tailored feedback

- Side-by-side comparison with good form to visually programme technique changes.
- Drills, strength exercises and stretches to address your areas for improvement as set by our highly experienced team of specialist running therapists.
- Progress chart to help implement and embed changes.
- Optional discounted follow-up to powerfully track your progress through changes in your Gracefull Scores.

Technique Analysis Brochure

Physio Screening

As much as it would be great for the tweaks to your running technique to eliminate the tweaks in your muscles and joints, sometimes a greater degree of expert intervention is required. Our physio screens will help to identify and address any ingrained tightnesses, weaknesses or imbalances that, unbeknownst to you, are predisposing you to niggles and injuries.

What you’ll get from our physio screening:

- Detailed analyses of your movements, highlighting where you fall short of recommended ranges of motion.
- Strength tests to accurately expose weaknesses and imbalances.
- Voice-over video analysis from our highly qualified and experienced sports physios, talking you through the findings and explaining their impact.
- Written report with embedded videos of your bespoke rehab/prehab programme.
- Optional discounted follow-up live consultation via zoom to delve more deeply into your results.

Physio Screening Brochure

Download our detailed online technique & physio analysis brochures to find out more about our services, including how to submit your videos