Want extra support to be your very best?

We're here to help you grow Gracefull inside and out!

We invite you and your support team to access powerful information from the cutting edge of sports performance and hands on experience of former top level athletes, that will not only accelerate your athletic results, but also grow you as a strong, confident young woman.

Our Why

This course is the course we wish we could have accessed back when we were teens. It pulls together all the useful science and anecdotes from both our international athletics careers, shortcutting you to the good stuff and bypassing the blunders.

But it’s not just about athletics. In fact, better athletics performances are a by-product of learning to move and live more Gracefully.

Whilst there is much sport-specific coaching and advice, ultimately the course is about nuturing character and wisdom to create a more solid platform for sustained success and happiness in life.

Becky Lyne & Marilyn Okoro

About the Gracefull Girls Programme

Each Gracefull Girl will have access to:

Online strength & conditioning sessions
Personal optimisation seminars
Supportive online community
Online technique analysis & physio screens


We offer two structured packages as part of our Gracefull Girls programmes, which can be paid for on a yearly (discounted) or monthly rate. We also offer a limited number of discounted ambassador and scholarship packages - please contact us for more information.


- Running-specific conditioning sessions coached live via zoom
- Live and interactive personal opitmisation seminars and surveys
- Supportive online community
a year
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a month
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All performance programme benefits plus:
- Monthly online technique analysis, physion screening or 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.*
(Available as standalone services).
*Contact us to arrange the mentoring sessions
a year
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a month
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“Becky pushes me, challenges me and supports me. I love training with Becky as I am stronger, more confident and a better athlete”

Alice, Gracefull Girls member

“Becky’s support over the last two years has been invaluable. She has helped with all aspects of my daughter’s athletic development ranging from running technique, to race tactics, to her mental approach to training and competition. It’s made a massive difference.”

Andrea, parent of a Gracefull Girl

“I’ve not only increased my knowledge around my running, but the tools I need when times get tough. It has changed the way I run, but also the way I think. I am excited about my future”

Hattie, Gracefull Girls member

Download the full Gracefull Girls brochure

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Download the full Gracefull Girls brochure

Click here to download